The Messages of Damascus Battles

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 22 March, 2017



Tuesday morning witnessed an attack of the revolutionary factions, represented by Failaq al-Rahman, Ahrar al-Sham, and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham against the Syrian regime positions in the capital Damascus, and took control of several important areas.


According to Eldorar correspondent, the factions restored large parts of the industrial City on the International Highway that passes between Jobar and al-Qaboun, as well as Textile Factory, Crush Factory, Shams Factory, as well as the fire control of Fares Al-Khoury Street and the Garage of the Abbasids.


The correspondent confirmed that the human losses of al-Assad forces in the new attack exceeded 48, including officers, mostly belonging to the Republican Guards and Iraqi militias, in addition to 8 prisoners and 3 tanks.


The Goals


Waeil Olwan, spokesman of Failaq al-Rahman confirmed in his statements to Eldorar that the main goal of the battles was to stop the repeated incursions into the neighborhoods of Qaboun, Barza, and Tishreen, but this time in an offensive manner.


Ahrar al-Sham spokesman, Ahmed Kara Ali told our network that after the Syrian regime violated the truce in the Barza Damascene neighborhood and continued attempts to break into the neighborhood, as well as Qabun and Tishreen, the rebels resorted to the offensive method to stop the attempts of the Assad forces, and they could scatter the regime ranks in the recent attacks against Damascus.


The Messages

Olwan pointed out that the advances made by the rebels in Damascus have clear messages that they are able to continue the battles and defend liberated areas and the Syrian people, in light of the Syrian regime and Russia's military solution.


"If the international community is serious about stopping the violence in Syria, it has to put pressure on the Syrian regime and Russia to find a real ceasefire and oblige Russia to stop the crimes in Syria, move to a real power transition that insures free, independent, united and democratic Syria, where there is no place for Bashar al-Assad or his intelligence associates who participated in the abuse and criminality. "Olwan added.


About the messages sent by the rebels through the battles of Damascus, Kara Ali said that the most important messages contained in the battles that the Syrian revolution has the ability and power to hit the regime in the strongest strongholds and in the capital specifically, in particular coincided with the sixth anniversary of the Syrian revolution.

"The battles are clear messages to the Russians, that their bet on their ability to end the revolution is a failure, as well as losing the Syrian regime's bid to control the Eastern Ghouta and the displacement of its people, and that must end the series of displacement and demographic change around the capital Damascus." Kara Ali added.


Kara Ali pointed out that in light the international community being unserious in finding just and fair solutions that restore the rights of the Syrian people, stops the criminal regime killing civilians and displacing them. In front of the last efforts to provide meager solutions based on some of the military setbacks that hit the Syrian revolution, we must prove once again that the rebels are able to upset the scales, through their return to the military solution, which can push towards achieving the demands of the Syrian people.


The latest statistics indicate that the death toll of the Assad forces during the three consecutive days of fighting on the gates of Damascus were 155 dead, in addition to 58 prisoners and 7 tanks, as well as the loss of a large number of officers were present in the operating room in the Industrial City.